Healthy Sense of Self

A healthy sense of self is the foundation for living an authentic life. Live the way you want . . . as the person you truly are.

The Sense of Self Method Online Course is a twelve lesson program designed to help you:
  • BREAK FREE from the need to please others and win their approval;
  • RESTORE your sense of self as you alleviate unwanted anxiety and depression;
  • DEVELOP the necessary skills  for self-confidence and personal success.

Connect to Your True Self

Rediscover the things that influenced your development and learn about how they affect you in the present.

Recover from Depression

Peel back the onion-like layers of your psyche while growing quickly as the independent and autonomous person you have the right to be.

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Overcome Insomnia

When you strengthen your sense of self the symptoms of stress induced insomnia naturally go away.

The Sense of Self (SoS) course  includes four modules of online lessons, the Healthy Sense of Self book, and access to our VIP support group.

It's time to do something for your SELF.


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